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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do credit unions merge?


There are multiple reasons why credit unions may merge. Financial stability, economies of scale, enhanced services, geographic expansion, compliance and regulation, member benefits, competitive advantage, risk management, succession planning and regulatory pressure.

How is the decision to merge made?


The decision to merge is typically made after careful consideration of potential benefits and risks have been reviewed. The ultimate goal is serving the best interests of the credit union’s members.

What benefits do we expect to result from the merger for our employees?


We expect this merger to provide career growth opportunities for our employees. When two credit unions merge, they may find that certain departments or functions can be combined or streamlined, leading to new roles and job opportunities in the same or new departments.

Aventa employees will have access to an enhanced benefit package, tuition reimbursement, mental wellness days, and much more. The Human Resources team will be setting up specific dates and times to review the new benefits.

How do I get more information about the merger?


Please visit for more information.