Visa® Credit Card

You have options. We offer the Aventa Visa® Credit Card at a fixed rate. With no hidden fees and a simple setup for your account, you have a card that is straightforward and convenient.

Your Aventa Visa® Credit Card

Fixed rate
No annual fee
No cash advance fees
No balance transfer fees
Visa Purchase Alerts
Account alerts with easy set up

Are you an Aventa Visa® Credit Card member? We recently upgraded our credit cards to better meet your needs.

Review our Credit Card FAQs below to find out what's new. Need to check your balance or monitor activity?

Credit Card Updates and FAQs

What is the official date of conversion?


October 9, 2020

What if my contact information has changed?


Make sure Aventa has your current address and contact phone number on file. In addition, having the correct primary telephone number on your record will enable us to contact you immediately if any fraud is detected on your account. Contact us at 800.555.6665 to update your information today.

Will I receive a new card?


No, please continue to use your existing Aventa credit card.

Will my credit card number change?


No, you credit card number will not change.

Will my Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) change?


No, your PIN will not change.

Will my credit card payment date change?


No, your payment due date will remain the same.

Will the 24/7 Card Service phone number be the same?


No, the new 24/7 Card Service phone number will be 833-541-0763. Please update your records with this new number.

Will there be a delay with my statements?


There will be no delay, however if you are currently signed up for e-statements, you will also receive a paper statement for October/November.

Does the address to where I send my payment change?


No, the payment address will be the same:

FIS P.O. Box 672051

FIS Dallas, TX 75267-2021

If I setup a monthly automatic transfer or ACH payment to pay my credit card bill, will I have to do anything?


No, the ACH address will be the same:

FIS P.O. Box 672051

FIS Dallas, TX 75267-2021

If I did a preauthorized recurring ACH bill with my credit card, do I need to make any changes?


No, your card number will remain the same.

If I have someone joint on my credit card, will this affect them?


Their information will be transferred over and they can continue using their existing card as well.

Will the current website I access my credit card information through look the same?


No, will be replaced with When accessing your credit card through home banking, you will be directed to