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What Should You Do If You’ve Been Scammed?

Contact law enforcement: file a police report to ensure there is an official record of the incident. 

Attempt to cancel the transaction: if you made any payment from your bank account or credit card, contact them immediately to cancel the transaction. Also, notify them that you may have been a victim of fraud. 

Monitor your credit: if your financial or personal information was stolen, there might be an attempt to use your credit cards or open accounts in your name. Reviewyour credit report for any unauthorized activity. 

Forward the case to oversight agencies: oversight agencies are tasked with ensuring there are fair business practices that protect consumers from unfair discrimination and fraud. If you have been scammed, it is important to contact these agencies because this information helps them better serve and protect consumers. These agencies include the FTC, the state attorney general office, the Internet Crime Complaint Center, and the Better Business Bureau. 

Request a credit freeze and place a fraud alert: place an alert with Experian, Equifax, or Transunion to let them know that you have been the victim of fraud. This helps restrict access to your credit reports. You can also request a credit freeze to avoid unauthorized access to credit using your personal information