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The Troubleshooting Scam & Vishing


At Aventa Credit Union we have enacted cybersecurity measures to protect our members and their personal information. Keeping you alert to the most recent and common security threats is a key strategy in our efforts.

Please note, there's a cybersecurity scam that has resurfaced, the Trouble Shooting Scam, which involves a call delivered to an unsuspecting individual supposedly from their financial institution. This type of scam is referred to as "vishing" which is a voice phishing - the use of fraudulent phone calls to trick people into giving money or revealing personal information.

You might receive a call from someone posing as an associate of Aventa Credit Union. The call will come across as official and legitimate, as your caller ID might display "Aventa", "Aventa Credit Union" or a similar variation. Please know we will never contact you asking for remote access to your personal devices or requesting your online banking password and/or username.

The scammer might alert you that your financial account, online banking login, or some other issue relating to your financial account has been compromised. The scammer then proposes to fix the issue. The scammer will most likely proceed with asking you to verify your identity by providing the following to the scammer: full social security number, full account number, online banking login credentials (username and/or password), or debit or credit card information (number, PIN, and/or CVV code). They might also ask for remote access to your personal devices (mobile phone, PC, laptop, tablet, etc.), pretending they can troubleshoot and solve the issue.

Remember, Aventa Credit Union will NEVER ask you for access to your personal devices (desktop, laptop, and mobile devices). We also will NEVER ask you to verify your identity by providing your full social security number, account number, debit or banking login

Should you receive contact of this kind, please refuse to provide your information and access to your devices, and contact us immediately at (719) 482-7600.

The following resources can assist you with getting better acquainted with vishing and methods of protection.

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