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Stay Protected with Software Updates

You might be tempted to hit the, “remind me later” button when prompted to do a software update. Aventa wants to share 5 reasons to stop what you’re doing and hit the “update now” button.

Software updates fix weak points

1/3 of people rarely install software updates. However, software updates fix weak points that scammers look for when hacking into a system. Hackers use writing codes that are used to take advantage of weak points.

Updates prevent viruses

With the recent Covid outbreak, one thing everyone can relate to is how quick a virus can spread. Computer viruses spread the same way. If your device gets a virus, it can easily be passed to a friend or family member’s device. New software provides new security programs that create an antidote for your computer.

Repairs security holes

When a new device hits the market, there are many imperfections that come with the software. These imperfections are called security holes, and hackers love them. Hackers will look for different security holes that allow them to gain access into your computer or network without permission. Developers will work with the software to identify security holes and correct them before hackers can gain access. However, if the device does not get the update it needs, then these security holes do not get patched.

Protects you against ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks is a form of hijacking on a user’s device. Ransomware encrypts files on your device and keeps a user from being able to gain access to their files. Ransomware obtained its name, because most time if your device gets ransomware, it requires a ransom to be paid before your files are available. In 2021, the estimated cost for ransomware attacks was $623.7 million. Software updates scan the device for possible threats of ransomware. If detected, the software update will fix the issue and keep the device protected against attacks. It also helps to have a recovery plan ready that can recover your business within 24 hours.

Gives you the boost you need

Software updates aren’t all about getting hacked. It also provides fixes to old glitches and provides that boost that your device may need.