Don’t Fall for Bank Impersonation Scams!
Fraudsters know that the majority of people will act quickly if they receive a text, call, or email claiming there’s an issue with their bank account.
A bank impersonation scam is when someone reaches out pretending to work at a credit union or bank you use. Most of these scams are executed to either steal your credit or debit card information, steal your online banking credentials, get you to hand over money, or to get around your credit union or bank’s security protections to access your accounts directly.
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  • Verify the sender's identity: Examine the sender's email address and watch out for inconsistencies.
  • Avoid sharing personal information: Refrain from providing sensitive data, such as Social Security numbers or financial details, through unsecured channels. For example, some phishers acting as employers might ask for your financial information. Hence, they know how to deposit your paychecks, but this is a scam to access your banking information.
  • Examine website URLs: Double-check website URLs to ensure they match the official domain of the company or job platform you are interacting with. It also helps to search the company name on a search engine to verify the same URL on the official site.