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Don’t Break the Bank Going on Vacation

Going on vacation is a time to relax and take a mental break from life. Ideally, you should not feel worried about monitoring your accounts after splurging on a fancy dinner at an overpriced restaurant. It helps to plan a vacation budget. Here are five ways to save for your next vacation:

1 Create a budget

2 Find new ways to save

3 Get a side gig

4 Use Rewards

5 Cut back on spending

Create a budget

Budgeting is the start of preparing for a vacation. Create and commit to a reasonable budget. Start researching where you would like to travel. Try to choose three different vacation spots you would like to visit in case your first choice is out of your budget range. After you've identified your potential vacation spots, start researching airfare, lodging, transportation, food/drinks, entertainment, and additional items. Additional items should include surprise costs or a blanket amount set aside for possible emergencies.

Find New Ways to Save

Having a savings allow you to keep money out of your spending accounts, but did you know you can save money while investing money? By opening a certificate of deposit (CD), it allows you to save money by putting a fixed amount of funds into an account for a set time. During this time, your CD accumulates interest, which allows you to stack up extra funds to take on your vacation.

Get a Side Gig

There are many ways to earn extra income. Some people like to rent out rooms in their houses or even rent out their vehicles if they work from home. Some people will get a side job and work extra hours per week. Find a job that you enjoy. Maybe you'd enjoy working as a coffee barista and learning to make new coffee recipes? It is important to remember that this job's purpose is to help you achieve your savings goal faster.

Use Rewards

There are many options to earn and save money, including using credit card rewards. Consider using a credit card that helps you rack up airline miles. Often people will avoid using a credit card because they do not want to pay the interest; however, if you pay the card off right after, you can avoid paying interest but still rack up those miles.

Cut Back on Spending

The easiest way to save is by simply not spending. Consider your vacation a reward. Think about it this way, the more you save, the more you can spend on traveling. So try not to buy a new pair of shoes each month; instead, put that towards your hotel cost. Another way to cut back on spending is by eating out less. Meal prepping helps you save time and money on food and is a healthier choice.

The time leading up to a vacation can feel like forever, but remember the reward you will get once you are relaxing on vacation.Au revoir and safe travels.