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Nation’s #1 Cybersecurity Concern: Account Takeovers

The last few years have brought about many changes – from get-togethers with families and friends to working remotely, we’ve had to be a little creative in our approaches. Unfortunately, the same is true for cybercriminals. They have worked hard to perfect the craft of theft, and the nation’s most pressing cybersecurity concern is proof of that. Currently, account takeovers are the top cybersecurity concern having surpassed malware. 

Account takeovers involve the theft of a legitimate account that can be accessed online, such as banking and investment accounts. This form of identity theft allows cybercriminals the ability to assume your identity and gain access to other types of personal information. 

In many instances, the initial account takeover is merely the starting point. For instance, once the cybercriminal has gained access to your personal information, they can assume your identity online and maximize their fraudulent activity by applying for lines of credit, obtaining credit cards, accessing your account funds and much more. Once the criminal has access to just one account, they can access your personally identifying information which allows them to commit additional criminal activities in your name.  

Experian suggests taking the following steps to protect yourself from an account takeover: 

Be meticulous with passwords.

Use multifactor authentication.

Safeguard your credit.

Consider identity theft protection.

We want to ensure all Aventa Credit Union members that we have enacted cybersecurity measures to protect our computer systems against potential threats. Additionally, we have reinforced our security platforms to maintain the utmost level of problem identification and resolution.  

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