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Saguache Branch Closing | FAQ

Information and answers to questions you may have.

When is the Saguache Branch's last day of operation?


Friday, April 28th – close of business

Is this a permanent closure?



Which branch should I visit for service?


You may visit any Aventa branch, including those located in Center (395 S. Worth St.), Crestone (110 W. Silver Avenue) and Salida (7480 US Highway 50). Please visit the Locations page of for a complete listing of branches and ATMs.

How will I access my accounts after the branch closes?


In addition to Aventa branches, access to Aventa’s Online Banking, Mobile App, and Contact Center (800-555-6665) are available at your convenience.

Is Aventa failing?


No, the Credit Union is doing well and is financially sound.

What happens to the Saguache associates?


We value our staff in Saguache and all other areas we serve. We have provided the Saguache staff options to remain working with Aventa. We have never laid off staff due to closing a branch.

Have you closed branches in the past?


Yes, we have closed two branches previously, utilizing the same rationale: it was the right decision for the Credit Union’s entire membership.

Are you closing all branches in San Luis Valley?


No, we will continue to serve the entire San Luis Valley with three branches in Center, Crestone and Salida, and through online and mobile banking. We will continue to support all of the communities that we serve, including Saguache, by engaging in community events in other areas where we can be of assistance.

Are you opening a branch in a new area?


We are not opening any new branches at this time. Our newest branch in Salida was opened last April.

How can I deposit checks?


You may securely deposit a check via our Mobile App or visit a branch or ATM. Please visit the Locations page of for a complete listing of branches and ATMs.

Who can I call with questions about my account?


Our Contact Center can be reached at (800) 555-6665 or (719) 482-7600

What happens to my loan after the branch closes?


The branch closing will in no way affect your loan.

Is there a local ATM that I can access?


Please visit the Locations page of for a complete listing of branches and ATMs.