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All Aventa Branches will be closed on Monday, May 29, 2017 in honor of Memorial Day. Aventa is proud to pay tribute to the dedicated members of our American military and their families. 

Line of Credit

A personal line of credit lets you access funds on an as needed basis, much like you would use a credit card. Borrow up to your credit limit with each individual purchase – only pay interest on what you use.  You might need the extra cash one day, so why not add a line of credit to your account now so you have it available when you need it. 

Open a line of credit at Aventa Credit UnionLine of Credit offers:

  • Competitively low fixed interest rates
  • Borrow purchase-by-purchase up to your personal credit limit
  • Can act as overdraft for your checking account
  • Local decision making
  • Trusted personal service

Check out our current rates or click here to apply. 

Want Peace of Mind to Go with your line of credit? Add Aventa Debt Guard to guard against unexpected repayment problems.  To get a quote, please call us at 719.482.7600 or 800.555.6665.