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Sleigh Your Holiday with Skip-a-Pay

A way Aventa is giving this Holiday season.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” as hearts and stomachs are filled with time with family and friends, the joy of giving during the holiday season, and many tasty treats; however, wallets and bank accounts might be the opposite of full, as we start spending on gifts, travel expenses, and holiday meals and festivities. 

We understand the weight our members carry during the holiday season and offer our Skip-A-Pay program effective October 15. Skip-A-Pay will allow our members to skip one loan payment, so they can be stress-free while enjoying the season and sharing time with loved ones.

Although Aventa’s Skip-a-Pay promotion provides some relief during the holiday season, planning a holiday budget can still be stressful and overwhelming. Concerned about your budget during the season, here are 5 tips to help you sleigh this holiday. Make a list, check it twice.


Making a holiday budget list allows spenders to keep a clear and concise spending plan without overthinking. Separating a budget between how much should be spent on gifts per person, travel expenses, and groceries provides the opportunity to plan ahead and rule out unnecessary purchases.


May your budget be merry and bright

Creating a yearlong budget can help with anticipating how much each month should be put away for holiday spending. In January, review how much money was spent during the holidays, and then create a proposed monthly budget for the New Year. Being prepared, you know what they say, that your wallet will grow three sizes that way.


Yule be sorry, if you skip your research.

Overspending does not always stem from lacking a well-prepared budget, sometimes it’s a lack of research. Many consumers turn to credit cards for their holiday spending, but going into credit card debt can create a bigger problem than being called a “Scrooge”. That’s why it’s important to understand how credit cards work, to determine if swiping is the right way to spend during the holidays. It’s also important to note what stores have the best savings. During the holidays, many stores will release their promotions and savings to prepare spenders for upcoming sales. Two of the best times to save are during Black Friday and Cyber-Monday.


Take a side gig. (Believe in your (s)elf)

During the holidays, many companies need the extra help and will hire part time employees. Seeking an additional income source doesn’t always have to be overwhelming. There are different companies that allow their employees to create their own schedules and hours they work weekly. Some side jobs include: delivery drivers, personal shoppers, and ride share. (Really unsure about this, feels similar to encouraging Members to sell what they can… as they idea of getting another job can be even more stressful and time-consuming)


Don’t be afraid to discuss it.

Many people face similar financial challenges during the holiday season. Creating an open conversation to discuss financial ideas helps individuals to get creative with savings opportunities. Family members and friends might even feel relieved when suggesting a Secret Santa gift exchange, instead of purchasing gifts for everyone. Here at Aventa, we want our members to feel prepared for the holiday season and that’s why our associates are ready to discuss our Skip-A-Pay promotion with you.

Let Aventa help you light the Menorah, fill the stockings, unite the family, and decorate the greenery this holiday season!

Apply for the Holiday Skip-A-Pay program here!