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Gonna Swipe?

Need gas? When you go to a gas pump, credit is the best option if you aren’t paying in cash or credit card.  If you have to use a debit card though, Consumer Reports suggests processing it like credit— never type in your PIN. Instead, select the option on the screen that allows you to have your debit card purchase processed as a credit card transaction. The purchase is still debited from your checking account, but you won’t need to enter your PIN, which is what the fraudsters need to withdraw cash from your account at an ATM.

Always be vigilant with your accounts. You should monitor your account activity at least every few days and keep an eye out for any unfamiliar transactions. You can also set-up e-alerts to monitor your account and we’ll notify you through an automatic text or email notification.

If you notice anything fishy, notify your credit union, bank or credit card company immediately.