Your new Aventa Visa® Credit Card is on its way.

Here's what you need to know.

What is the official date of conversion?


Sunday, March 26, 2023

What if my contact information has changed?


Make sure Aventa has your current address and contact phone number on file. When we have your correct primary telephone number, we are able to contact you immediately if any fraud is detected on your account. Contact us at 800.555.6665 to update your information today.

Will I receive a new card?


Yes. You will receive your new card beginning March 26, 2023, and your current credit card will be automatically deactivated that same day.

Properly destroy and dispose of your old credit card by cutting the card several times and dispose sections in separate trash bags.

Will my credit card number change?


Yes, your new card will also have a new credit card number.

Will my Personal Identification Number (PIN) change?


Yes, your PIN will change. Once your card has been activated, please call (888) 886-0083 to change your PIN.

Will my credit card payment date change?


No. Your payment due date will remain the same.

Will the 24/7 Card Service phone number be the same?


No. Please call (866) 609-7676 for assistance.

Will there be a delay with my statements?


Statements will not be delayed.

Will the address for mail-in payments change?


Yes, please remit payments by mail to:

PO Box 660493
Dallas, TX 75266-0493

If I setup a monthly automatic transfer or ACH to pay my credit card bill, will I need to make any changes?


Yes, your current ACH payments will need to be changed.

If my credit card is issued to multiple users, will this affect them?


Cards will be sent to all card holders on an account at the same time.

Will the current website I access to manage my credit card change?


Yes. You will be provided with information with the new URL you can use to manage your credit card online.