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As you visit our branches over the next few weeks, you may see us in the midst of refreshing our lobbies. We will continue to offer great service to our membership as we make some improvements!

Board of Directors 

Aventa’s Board of Directors consists of seven members who are elected to three-year terms and serve without financial compensation. They possess the responsibility for maintaining the general direction and control of the Credit Union and to safeguard each member's investments.

Board of Directors

Ric Esgar | Chairman

Richard C. (RC) Smith | Vice Chairman

Terry Lown | Treasurer

Catherine Buckley | Secretary

Norman Andersson | Director

Cathy Bulf | Director

Bobby Cuomo  | Director

Jeffrey B. Schultz | Director

We are always looking for interested members who would like to participate in leading our organization for the benefit of all members. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors or a committee, please email us